Funhouse Eject Scoop Protector Installation

Remove the playfield glass and remove all balls from game

Remove the plastic that covers the entire scoop area

Remove the billboard sign that covers the right Gangway and set it on the wire form ramp there

Flip the playfield up and remove the scoop itself. It will have to dangle from the switch wires for a bit but that's ok

Locate and remove the  lock nut that holds the forward most post to the left of the scoop hole. This will probably require you to use pliers to hold the post from the top at the same time. If so you will need to remove the black rubber sleeve. Do NOT use pliers on the threaded part of the post (duh) If needed have a friend do this part while you remove the nut from the bottom

Now you can install the scoop protector-

Install the protector front edge FIRST and then slip the left side down into the hole. Now just line up the post hole. On some games you may have to loosen the plastic post to the right of the hole and slip the protector slightly underneath. It seems those posts are not in precisely the same spot on all games.

Use a flat washer under the post to prevent warping of the protector. I used the one from the bottom of the playfield as it is chrome and looks nice. Use another washer under the playfield. Yes, this will raise the billboard ever so slightly but it is not noticeable. No, this washer is not shown in the picture because I only discovered this change was necessary *after* I took the pics ;-)

Now you simply reverse the removal procedures being careful not to over tighten the post nut. We don't want to warp the protector by over tightening. If the playfield is divoted, or crushed, beneath the post you will have to either fill the divot with a clear epoxy or very thin washer whatever it takes to make sure the protector sits flat and not sink into a divot there. I've successfully used a straw slit partially along it's length as a dam in the post hole and then filled the divot with 2-ton clear epoxy. The plastic straw won't stick to the epoxy and leaves the hole perfect for the post.

Note that when reinstalling the scoop it will overlap the protector. It may be a tight fit but this is what we want. If needed you can squeeze the sides of the scoop so that it passes the protector. Don't squeeze so hard as to permanently bend it ;-)

Now the Mirror hole. Remove the mirror assembly held on with two nuts, unplug the lamp connector. Remove the post to the right of the hole same as for the eject scoop above. While the playfield is up for post nut removal you may also want to loosen the nut holding the ball guide to the left of the hole. The protector slips under that guide. Install protector, insert post, flip playfield back up and reinstall the nut for the post and ball guide. Don't over tighten post nut or you may warp the protector.   Put playfield down and reinstall the mirror assembly.

Done! Don't forget to put the balls back in ;-) Now enjoy the new look of your Funhouse!