Protectors, Lift Catches, Ramp Flaps and No-Hop™ Flipper Guides

Cliffy's™ full set for No Good Gofers!
    2 piece shooter ejects, 2 lift ramp catches, 2 residual plates, outhole drain, extended slam ramp and left ramp flaps

Cliffys™ NGG lift catch set with residual magnetism plates!
                    Broken factory catch- Boo :(

This is a replacement set for the lift ramp catches for No Good Gofers, WMS part number 01-14739.1 and residual plate 01-6376
If your ramps won't stay in the up and locked position it's most likely because the lift catches are broken.
This is extremely common on this game. The original piece is very prone to breakage at the spring mounting stub because they are made very thin.
My replacement will probably outlast your game!  The hole for the locking adjustment tab leaves MUCH more material at the spring stub.
Cliffy's™ are also thicker so will be much less prone to bending and sliding wear at the catch edge. Vastly superior to the factory style replacements available today

Shooter ejects
(pics needed please)

Outhole drain
(pics needed please)

Ramp flaps
(pics needed please)

Cliffy's™ enhanced No-Hop™ NGG flipper guides!
            Nolan Donnelly shows them installed- smoooooth!

Get the basic most needed set including 2 lift ramp catches, 2 piece shooter ejects and outhole drain for $52!
Separately the lift ramp catch set is only $28 per pair
2 piece shooter ejects $15
2 piece stainless ramp flaps $15
2 piece No-Hop™ flipper guides $20

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