Twilight Zone Robby the Robot Mount Bracket

A very popular add-on to Twilight Zone pinball machines is Robby the Robot. Several incarnations of the robot have appeared over the years but by far the two most commonly used are from Masudaya and Hallmark. Both are approximately 4" tall and hollow plastic which makes adding LED's possible. The LED's are then wired into the feature lamp circuits under the playfield and helps point out certain shots in the game when lit. Just about anyone handy with cutting, drilling and soldering tools can create their own Robby. Mounting him to the game has always been a bit of a stickler, though. Typically he is mounted to the left ramp entrance just ahead of the swing gate there. The trick is getting him to sit level and perpendicular to the playfield. There are two angles you have to deal with and if you don't get them right he will look like a tipsy Robby instead of something that looks added on from the factory. UNTIL NOW!

For several years I've made the mounting bracket used by many who build customized Robbys as a business. After dozens of requests by do-it-yourself hobbyists I'm now making this bracket available to all. It adds a professional, finishing touch and takes the guess work out of making your own. Follow the pictures below to see how easy it is to use it on your own Robby the Robot!

The original bracket I designed specifically for the Masudaya Robby. It has since been updated to work with both the Masudaya and Hallmark Robby.  Compare the two robots HERE This is a Tracy's Toys modded Masudaya Robby mounted on my bracket. It is unclear as of this writing whether Tracy is still making them for sale or not. They were a staple on eBay for many years.  Here you can see how the LED wiring cable runs behind Robby and down through the hole in the playfield.
This is my latest version of the mount bracket ready to be installed on a Hallmark Robby. Don't forget to peel the protective film off the bracket :) You can see I've marked the holes in the bracket on the bottom of Robby's feet. I then made two more smaller marks to center the screws. I'm using a common pin vise and a very small #40 drill bit to make the pilot holes for the screws. I dug through my screw bins and found two #6 self tapping sheetmetal screws. At this time I do not include screws with the bracket as these are easily found at your local hardware store, if not in your own garage :)
Showing the screws attaching the bracket to Robby's feet. Any small #4 to #6 sheetmetal screws will work fine. There you have it! Ready to install on your left ramp!

Installed pix in next frame. You may notice other mods in those pix. I'll explain how I made them on a separate web page.... someday :)


Building your own Robby? Add my bracket for only $12 shipped first class in the USA. Click HERE to order yours.
Shipped first class via USPS. If Priority Mail desired in the US please enquire at time of order. I always combine shipping to save you money!

California residents please add 8.5% sales tax.


ONLY the mount bracket is for sale here. No Robby models included! The Robby models are increasingly hard to find so do not ask where to get them. I honestly don't know any more than you! Please note that any time you add features to a pinball machine you are creating a potential for ball traps. Be aware of this when installing any "mod" to any game and take steps to avoid creating traps. Lastly, please also note that no two pinball machines are precisely identical. Manufacturing tolerances means that some slight tweaking may be required to align ramp screw holes. This is easily done with a pair of duckbill or needle nose pliers. 99% of installations will be a dead on fit but I cannot be responsible for that 1% that don't. Some mechanical aptitude is required - especially if you've taken up pinball as a hobby :)

Thanks for choosing Cliffy's Pinball Innovations!