Bally / Stern 1972-1985
Stainless Coin Entry Inserts, Brackets And Return Flaps


Made with a satin brushed finish, these stainless steel coin door parts really bring a Bally or Stern restoration to life! Fits any Bally or Stern coin doors made between 1972 and early 1985. Bally used this door starting with the original Fireball and ended with Fireball Classic. Let's have a look at some pics! Thanks to Mike Mills and Kory Hankin for all the help and loan of original parts. Click the pics to enlarge-


    If you enlarge this pic you'll see we have all new coin entry inserts in nickel, dime, quarter, Susan B. Anthony dollar and a blank. We also have the bracket that holds them, a blank and a coin return flap. Many of the original pieces are often missing, rusted or dented. My beautiful stainless steel replacements will never rust!

    NEW! An entry plate with blanked coin slot but open for the new CPR free play inserts!


    Mike shows us we need to remove the 4 upper screws to access the entry bezel.

    With the bezel folded down we can now replace the entry plates, plastics and brackets.

    Here we see the back of the door again, this time to show we need to remove the coin return chute in order to install the flap.

    And here's Mikes finished product, SWEET! As you can see my new coin entry inserts work perfectly with CPR's new coin entry plastics. Gorgeous!

These are not cheap pot metal castings or thinly plated mild steel. These are laser cut solid .050 satin brushed stainless!

Only $8.50 each for any coin entry, return flap or blank, $10 each for the hold brackets.

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