Congo 6 Piece Playfield Protector Set!

Playfield damage will make you go Ape Shot! Cliffy's™ protector set will keep your Congo looking and playing great!
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The Protectors!

         6 Pieces in the set, stainless or carbon fiber (recommended)

Map Protector
       The deflector pounds the ball into that soft wood and takes your map hole with it. Not Anymore.

Mystery Protector
       It's a mystery why you wouldn't have a protector here!

VUK Protector
        VUK's take a beating. This gives you superior protection!

Shooter Eject Protector
    Everybody looks at the shooter lane, everybody sees the damage. Look how clean that looks. Thanks to Chris Harkins for the loan of his beautiful game!

No-Hop™ flipper guides!
    A drastic improvement over the terribly aligned factory guides. Practically eliminates ball hop to the flippers. Smooth control is possible now!

Only $66 for the 6 piece playfield set in stainless or carbon fiber. $20 for the No-Hop™ flipper guides!
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