Is your lamp shade missing? Many games are missing this piece as it was easily broken from the diverter ramp. All I make is the shade itself. If your assembly is missing a parts list is shown below to build an assembly yourself, thanks to Rick Swanson for this

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    Shiny new 22 gauge stainless steel lamp shade replacements!

    Installed on my Funhouse

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In order to build a missing full assembly you will need the following;

(occasionally out of stock but each part number shown so you can assemble the individual components)

(7/8"L x 1/4" hex post, 6-32 male one end, female opposite)

Use a standard 6-32 x 3/8" machine screw to attach the shade to the female (top) end of the post.

If the ramp flange still has has the #8 size mounting hole present then you attach the post to the ramp by putting the male end through that hole and using a 6-32 nylock nut to secure the post to the ramp. Very frequently that portion of the ramp flange that has the mounting hole in it has long since broken off. If that is the case then drill a #8 hole in the ramp flange somewhere near the trap-door and mount the light using that hole.

-Rick Swanson-