Indy 500 Hyperthin Turbo Hole Protector!

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Indy 500 is a great game. Very fast flowing shots and some tight shots requiring excellent aim. The Turbo hole is a critical part of the game and gets hammered. I've created a protector that covers and protects and looks totally factory in appearance. There are *two* versions of the playfield and Turbo scoop. Early production models can be distinguished by a round black border line around the entrance to the scoop. Later models have a border line that matches the straight lines of the scoop. See pics below

<--Round border line              <--Straight border line

The pictures above show the wear common to the Turbo scoop

Enter, the protector!      <-- Straight line version                     <--Round line version

Let's get it installed. I'll show pics of both versions but installation is identical for both.

        Set into the hole after removing the VUK wireform, ramp and plastics. Attach using existing post and ball guide.

        As you can see the work is well worth it!  There will be no more wear at this hole and it just looks awesome in place.  Jason Rufer shows how he did it here

        Final install pics, both versions. Thanks to Ryan Estrada, Ric Turner and Jason Rufer!


Need a fix for that Turbo hole? Get yours today! Only $20 for either version. Click HERE to order and remember to specify!
Shipped first class via USPS. If Priority Mail desired in the US please enquire at time of order. I always combine shipping to save you money!

California residents please add 8.5% sales tax.

Turbo VUK backstop mod

The Turbo hole with vertical upkicker (VUK) assembly is a bit of a poor design. It works but due to the cramped space in the hole, and it's close proximity to the upper flipper, it takes quite a beating and often rewards even the best shot with a maddening bounce out >:-(

My protector can exacerbate this problem on some games, however, the problem exists even without it installed. I have come across a solution that seems to work very well, although your mileage may vary :)  To do this fix you need to be reasonably good with hand tools and it would help greatly if you own a bench vise.  What we want to do is raise the bend in the backstop about 1/4 inch. This will effectively guide the ball into the hole much better. Over time the backstop gets hammered nearly vertical so we want to get it re-bent back down where it belongs too.  First you need to remove the vuk assembly by unplugging the wires going to it from underneath and removing the 4 screws holding it to the playfield. 

Now that the vuk is out you need to remove the blue rubber pad. Use a jewelers screwdriver to work the retaining button through the hole. Next, use a straight edge or combo square and sharpie to mark a line 1/4 inch above the existing bend in the backstop. Use your vice to slowly straighten the existing bend, clamp in vice along the newly marked bend line and hammer the top part so that it looks like it did when it was bent. a 45 degree bend is about right. Now you'll have to cut a section straight across the bottom of the blue pad. This is because of the higher bend line we just made. Take off a slice just enough for the rubber to sit at that bend line.  Install into the backstop hole. You may wish to drop the smallest drop of super glue or contact cement behind the pad to keep it from spinning. Reinstall into game, hook up the connectors and enjoy fewer bounce outs!