Jersey Jack's Guns N Roses

Cliffy's Protector Set

Cliffy's™ complete protector set and No-Hop™ flipper guides!   
     Click the toolbox for a PDF install guide

The 2pc Start Song scoop set
                Scoop protectors installed in Derek's game- gorgeous!

The 2 piece shooter ejects
          Hot damn like they were made for it... oh, wait :) Installation guide here

The outhole drain
        Hey we all gotta go (out) sometime. Installation guide here

And that's the basic protector set - scoop, ejects and drain. Next well see some of the optional stuff

Microphone magnet     Actuating rod               Switch slots at the ramp drops- beats a piece of clear plastic tape :)

Post bases- maybe not so optional! The first 3 pics show the clearcoat wrinkling, the last 3 show my carbon fiber bases
    Make sure you have a washer under the narrow posts!

        The factory flipper guides on this game are well above the ball roll line to the flipper bats.
This makes the ball drop when rolling down and hop when rolling back up. Booo!! Thanks to Mike Petersen's help this oversight has been corrected

    MUCH better! Cliffy's™ enhanced No-Hop™ guide makes for a perfectly smooth roll to the flipper. NICE!

Is the silver ball is out to damage your game? Not in this lifetime! Armor up!

Cliffy's™ *COMPLETE* protector set as shown above is $118

Cliffy's™ enhanced No-Hop™ flipper guides only $20!

The basic set, 2pc scoop, 2pc shooter ejects and outhole drain is $58

Add an extra set of 4 small carbon fiber post bases for $12 when purchased with a protector set

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