The best pinball shows in the west!

Golden Sate Pinball Festival, Lodi California

Pin-A-Go-Go in Dixon, California

Pin-A-Go-Go 2008 pics

Pin-A-Go-Go 2007 pics

Pacific Pinball Exposition, California - My pics!

California Extreme

Pinballrama (now the Texas Pinball Festival) Pic links


Pinside (Cliffy a member since 2004!)

Googles usenet discussion group


Randy Davis' Visual Pinball and the vpinmame team's Visual PinMame at VPForums

The IRPinball team featuring gorgeous EM tables


Martin and Pam Reynolds' PINBITS! Awesome new things, pieces, findings... PINBITS!

Bay Area Amusements for a HUGE selection of pinball parts

Ray Johnson's Action Pinball for parts and GAMES, GAMES, GAMES!

For Amusement Only's Dave Mercer is the nicest guy in pinball parts and retail!

Darin Jacobs' Phoenix Arcade: The BEST repro artwork for pins and vids PERIOD

Kerry Stair's Mantis Amusements - The OTHER fantastic protector page!

Allen Shope's (RIP) Treasure Cove - Ray Shope is continuing the finest in restorations and reproductions!

Ed Krzycki of Great Plains Electronics awesome repair kits

Bob Ellingson's Halted Specialties for connectors and more electronics

Robert Winter's excellent restoration page

Jesse Kujawa's Pinball Magic page of  TZ mods, overlay installation guide and more

Hans Balk's famous TZ 3rd magnet mod - another MUST DO MOD!

Scott Bogart's PinRestore tools and supplies for repair and restoration!

The Pinball Webstore - TONS of parts and machines!

Mike's Wizard Amusement Games - Restoration and games for sale

Kimball's Pinballs - Texas pinball restoration and sales

Mike Nogle's Great American Pinball


Russ Jensen's (RIP) Pinball History Pages

Daina Pettit's MR PINBALL! The worlds BEST and FREE classifieds for pinball

Steve Kulpa's Faces of RGP page

Inkochnitos pinball score and instruction card (+ more) awesome site

Ken's Pinball Rebel site for custom price and instruction cards

Mikey Burke's awesome links to games, flyers & more

The NEW improved Internet Pinball Database

Charlies Spooky Pinball Podcasts

Ron Barbagallo's N.Y. Pinball flyer collection and history!


David Gersic's Zaccaria tech page (indispensable for Zac fans!)

Leon's (RIP) pinball and jukebox tech pages (great stuff!)

Peter Hall's Storks Nest pinball tech pages - Gottlieb System 80

Pascal Janin's INCREDIBLE Pi-X4 Gottlieb system 1 all-in-one replacement board!

Tuukka Kalliokoski's GREAT repair pages - especially Gottlieb System 1

Clay Harrell's excellently compiled coin-op repair guides

Ray Johnson's Action Pinball page

John Robertson's - tech helps, board repairs, parts sales and so much more

Jason Meadows' Dallas Arcade for board repairs

Tony Dziedzic's incredible and very thorough speaker replacement guide!

TheKorn's guides to making pinball LOUDER and BRIGHTER!

PINBALL COLLECTORS PAGES (chock full of pinball goodness!)

Rob Bells cool gameroom, T2 & BSD owners list pages

Over to the UK we have Nick & friends Pinballers Anonymous

Nick also has an upcoming UK pinball magazine called Pinball Today!

Steve Corley aka "Stevebo" great page o' multitudinous links

My good friend Lloyd Olson's S.S. Billiards page, home of the Royal Order Of The Goose!

Jeff Giesting's obsessive collection :)

The Black Knight's pinball stronghold, a fortress guarding the silver ball!

Jeff Stoutamyers Pinball Palace - game rooms, game rankings, group listings and mods!

Heinz Peter Bader's Funhouse & Whirlwind pages

Chris Bucci's basement arcade

John Wart Jr's CFTBL pages

Mike Haberman's way cool arcade pages and java classics!

Tony SanFelice's PinballWizzard pages with a cool gameroom, games for sale and way more

Troy North's Top Score Gamerooms of Missouri

Ok, not pinball but my friend Joe Field loves pinball too! In fact if anyone knows where he can find a 1969 Williams Expo let me know!

Like Comics? I do! Here's a link to my fave comic place, Joe Field's Flying Colors Comics