My 1983 Zaccaria Pinball Champ (the successor to Pinball Champ '82)  It features 8 digit displays for tracking scores over 9,999,990 as well as a lot of speech and sound effects. I truly believe that Zaccaria was ahead of it's time with many of it's features. This also has the trademark plexi upper playfield and translucent pop-top flippers. I didn't like the look of the plain white lower flippers so I put a set of red translucents down there too. I think it looks MUCH better! The only 3/8" flipper rubber I have is a bunch of white ones I got from Kerry Stair at Actually I think they look great on red flippers ;-)

The idea of the game is to knock down drop targets on the main playfield to increase the time you are allowed to play on the upper playfield. That time on the upper playfield gives you a better shot at the specials. There are a few ways to increase your bonus multiplier so there is a lot to shoot for on this game. It will also give you a chance to play out you remaining bonus time after your normal last ball has drained. Very intense!

The sound effects are totally ripped from Bally. I can easily recognize sounds from Eight Ball Deluxe and Elektra and there are probably others I'm not familiar with. If I have enough web space left I may record the sounds and put them here. 

A big "THANKS" to David Gersic who helped me with the electronics. Together we hammered out some major bugaboos! He rebuilt all of the boards for me and is known as THE Zaccaria guy in the USA. Click HERE for his tech guide on Zacs. It's a work in progress so if you have anything that would help fill in the blanks be sure to email him.

Another thanks to the ubiquitous Steve Charland for helping me improve the playability of the game. I'll never look at coil numbers as much as ohm readings again! ;-)

And finally, the biggest thanks goes to my buddy Pete Fordahl for always selling me his "junk" ;-)

These are the "BEFORE" pics. The table below that shows the "AFTER" pics. Click the pics for bigger size.


lower_pf.jpg (360884 bytes)


The pics below are "AFTER" my playfield restoration and clearcoating with Varathane Diamond IPN Gloss Finish #200081 

Notice the reflections in the pics! If you compare the "BEFORE" pics you'll see missing paint and lettering around some inserts. After much trying I hit the right matching colors for these areas. I also repainted every circle around every insert with a BRUSH. No stencils! They are perfect. Not only that but when I first flipped the playfield up half the inserts fell out into the cabinet! Yikes! I had to glue every single one of them. All of the metal pieces were corroded, even the wire guides. I was afraid I would have to send them out for re-chroming as Zaccaria didn't use stainless steel for their metal parts. A little Happich Simichrome and a lot of elbow grease and they shine like new. I'm tellin' ya, this thing is gorgeous now!

I totally rebuilt the coin door and mechs by disassembling, glass bead blasting and aluminized coating. I even had to hand letter all the drop tagets. I never want to do that again ;-)  I also included a pic of the different rollover swicthes on this game. Very unique!

Click on the thumbnails for much bigger, sharper pics.    ENJOY!

reflections.jpg (189233 bytes) upper_pf.jpg (259083 bytes) the_game2.jpg (417613 bytes)
top_lft_pf.jpg (179633 bytes) reflections2.jpg (195576 bytes) refinished_coin.jpg (115166 bytes)
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