At a time when video games dominated the arcades pinball struggled to find an audience. That is until Space Shuttle!
A bellwether game from Williams™ that almost single handedly brought pinball back from the brink!

    Cliffy's™ brings you a long needed set of beautiful ramp protectors to keep that shuttle flying!

Lets follow along as we install a set on MOF's game.



Note that the deadheaded post at the middle ramp needs to be swapped for the threaded post I include in the kit.
The hole size may be smaller than the post and may need to be slightly reamed to fit the #10 sized post.
The protectors with upper fold-over tabs can be squeezed with pliers for a tighter fit, if needed.
Some differences in ramp thickness has been found so I bend the tabs a little loose. Tighten as needed with pliers

    Cliffy's™ enhanced No-Hop™ flipper guides for Space Shuttle!

        Nice and tight to the flippers and a smoooooth ball roll line

Launch your next shuttle mission with Cliffy's™ ramp protector set and No-Hop™ flipper guides!

Only $53 for the 4 piece ramp set including threaded post and sleeve or $20 for the enhanced flipper guides!

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