Items on this page may or may not be put into production and are shown here to gauge interest, show progress and get feedback.
Those that are marked as DONE are ready to go but are here because I haven't made their own page yet
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Scorpion enhanced flipper guides
        Erik Hanson rocks a pair on his Scorpion!

Data East Secret Service- shooter ejects, enhanced stainless ramp flap and adapted Tron ramp protector

Stern Godzilla base set. shooter ejects, switch slots and drain
Rob Lerman of Lermods and Brian Varley  stepping up to test. Thanks guys!

Stern Mandalorian™ 2pc left ramp, shooter ejects, mini pf edge and drain done so far
Thanks to Mick Koz, Cal Jordan, Mitch Gagnon, Rob Lerman and Jon Martin for the test pics!

No-Hop™ flipper guides for Twilight Zone! smoooooth as buttah
    Pics and video HERE

Stern 1980 Quicksilver kick out- done!
        Thanks Craig and Germain!

No Good Gofers enhanced flipper guides DONE!

Rick & Morty protector set - custom drops and drain due to unusually thin playfields (.485") (thanks to Rob Winner, Jake Scott and Dave Kempner)

Star Trek The Next Generation enhanced flipper frames DONE
    (not extended version like Pinbits) Thanks to Mark Wentroble for the help!

Cliffy's™ carbon fiber post bases. IDEAL for preventing post damage. Let the posts knock about on the carbon fiber instead of your $$$ clearcoat!

Jersey Jack's Guns n' Roses DONE and web page HERE!

Stern Led Zeppelin
                    Shooter ejects, CF ramp entrance and drain ready to go for LZ so far (5-2021)

Banzai Run enhanced flipper guides- DONE! (much thanks to Dave Macy and Enver Haase)

Dirty Harry ramp protector! DONE! with much thanks to Charlie Waters for the template help and testing

Dirty Harry 3pc scoop protectors! Done

Viper Night Drivin' kickouts and shooter ejects- DONE!

Nascar track drain

Stern Avengers Infinity Quest- protection set so far (11/2020) DONE

API Hot Wheels™ DONE

Stern Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ejects and drain, Pro and LE/Prem models DONE

Stern Elvira HoH (EV3) shooter ejects, outhole drain, crypt scoop and single bank drops DONE

Stern Jurassic Park (JP3) DONE and page HERE!

Munsters™ set DONE! See dedicated page HERE

JJP Willy Wonka™ scoop, post bases, mag ring, 2 switch slots and 2 piece shooter ejects DONE!

JJP Pirates of the Caribbean - DONE! On its own page HERE

Guardians of the Galaxy set- DONE! check your generation below

Stern Star Wars shooter lane and outhole drain set. (LE/Prem shown left, Pro on the right) - DONE

Aerosmith - DONE - Aerosmith page HERE
        The shooter eject design determines the generation- compare to your game!

Stern Mustang Pro scoop protector DONE

Super Mario MUSHROOM WORLD! Just the cannons for now (thanks David!) DONE!

Star Wars Trilogy hurry-up scoop protector! DONE!

Stranger Things protector set- good to go!

The Big Lebowski - protector set DONE!

Total Nuclear Annihilation set- DONE! Click HERE!

Beatles ejects and drain set- DONE!

Heighway Alien™ set DONE! Early and late model versions. (NOT Pinball Brothers!) Extended scoop and enhanced stainless ramp flaps available now as well!

Data East 1987 Laser War 3 piece kickouts- DONE!

Fish Tales done! See HERE!

X-Files mag plate, carbon fiber FBI trapdoor and shooter eject - DONE. launch scoop in process (need stripped pf pics)

Stern WWE set - DONE

Transformers - DONE

Extremely proud to have created this, another first and a very significant protector. Kickout protector for Sterns. Two depths so far, more to be discovered - DONE

Space Shuttle ramps and enhanced flipper guides - DONE and shown HERE!

Bride of Pinbot face pan! DONE!

Space Jam Wabbit scoop - DONE

Swords of Fury ramp and flap set - DONE

Gottlieb Street Fighter II 4pc playfield set - DONE

Classic Stern Sea Witch orbit flap assembly - DONE

Cue Ball Wizard 3 piece scoop protectors DONE

Party Zone VUK and Captain B'zar kickout - DONE

Phantom of the Opera mirror assembly, flipper guides, lock, scoop and ejects - DONE.

Capcom Pinball Magic - DONE!

Data East Playboy 35th Anniversary kickout and enhanced flipper guides - DONE

Gilligan's Island kickout and shooter eject - DONE

Gottlieb Genesis complete ramp kit - DONE! Various Cliffys™ color post sleeves shown with original and Mark Davis repro ramps

Back to the Future ramp protector - DONE

Capcom Breakshot set - DONE

Alvin G. Pistol Poker scoop done!

Baywatch set - DONE plus shiny new enhanced ramp flaps!

Data East Batman joker ramp kickout - DONE

Avengers Hulk kickout in stainless or carbon fiber - DONE

Capcom Airborne ramp and kickout - DONE

Elvira and the Party Monsters flip up target 01-9275. NLA for years. 2 protos pictured. DONE

Twister! Spinning disk and scoop protectors. Done

Lost in Space 2pc scoops- 2 pieces covers 3 holes! DONE

Alvin G Mystery Castle scoop - DONE

Gottlieb Waterworld Dive scoop - Done

WWF Royal Rumble scoops and shooter eject set- DONE


Not pictured but in progress;

xfiles launch scoop

Indy 500 ramp protectors

Too many others to remember and of course always making for the new games too